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Staking with Locked FLOW

Getting Started

Before a token holder (or a custodian acting on behalf of a holder) can receive locked FLOW tokens, they must configure their account with additional functionality to handle the vesting schedules and staking actions for tokens in lockup.

Please read the Account Setup guide before proceeding to the remaining sections.

Using Locked FLOW

Flow users can stake their tokens and run nodes in a variety of ways. Please select the option that best matches your use case.

  1. For Stakers: I have FLOW tokens and I want to run a node with help from a node operator.
  2. For Delegators: I have FLOW tokens and I want to delegate my tokens to another node.
  3. For Node Operators: I am a node operator and I want to help others run nodes.
  4. For Power Users: I have FLOW tokens and I want to run my own staked node.
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