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FLOW Available Wallets

How to use your FLOW tokens


You can create a Blocto account to hold FLOW in 2 different ways:

  1. Through Flow Port
  2. Through Blocto's mobile application.

Both of these options are shown below.

Creating Account through Flow Port: Navigate to Flow Port

  1. Using Google Chrome, Navigate to Flow Port.

  2. Click on 'Sign Up'.

  1. Click on Blocto. Please disable any ad blockers you have before logging in using Blocto:

  1. Follow the user interface prompts to create a new Flow Account Address.

  2. After you create your account, you should be logged into Flow Port. You can now see your account address in Flow Port:

Creating an Account through Blocto's Mobile Application

  1. Sign-up for a Blocto account. This will be done through Blocto's phone app. Blocto download link:

  2. Once the application is downloaded, open it and click on the WALLET button.

  3. Scroll over to the FLOW wallet and click it.

  4. Follow the process of signing up and creating a new account. You will do this process by signing up with an e-mail address.

  5. Once you have confirmed your e-mail address, you now have a valid account. If you click on the FLOW wallet again, you will be able to see your Flow Address.

  • a.) If you have any questions regarding the process of generating your FLOW address on Blocto, you can reach out to our support team here:


Before You Start

  1. Ensure you have:
  • a.) Ledger Live installed on your computer.

  • b.) Initialize your Ledger Device.

  • c.) Your Flow Ledger App is completely up to date. You can see this by accessing Ledger Live where it will bring to your attention your applications that need to be updated.

  1. With choosing Ledger, please be aware that if you lose your Ledger Device, we will not be able to support any type of device recovery. Refer to Ledger supported documentation in case of any questions:

Install the Flow App

  1. Connect your Ledger Device to your computer and open Ledger Live.

  2. Make sure your Ledger device firmware is up to date. You can check this by clicking on ‘Manager’ from the side navigation bar.

    Choose to install the update if one is available:

  • a.) NOTE: Sometimes the install option doesn't show up, or it is not clickable. If this is the case, wait for a little bit of time to see if it appears, or restart the ledger live app if necessary.
  1. On the Manager screen in Ledger Live and search for ‘Flow’.

  2. You should see the Flow App. Install it and follow the instructions on the device.

  • a.) NOTE: If the Flow App does not appear, it may be because you are on an outdated version. Please ensure you are on the most updated version.
  1. Using Google Chrome, Navigate to Flow Port

  2. Click on 'Sign Up' if you need to create a new Flow Account.

  1. Click on Ledger:

  1. Follow the prompts on the screen. Plug in your Ledger device and open the Flow App:

  1. Click on Create an account. And follow the prompts on your ledger device.

  2. Once your account address is created, you will be automatically logged into Flow Port.

  3. You can easily copy it from the ‘Dashboard’ screen, as shown below:


  1. If you do not have a Finoa account already, you can create one here.

  2. Once you've sent an email to, the Finoa team will guide you through their KYC and onboarding process and help you set up an Account with a FLOW wallet.

  3. If you have any further questions regarding the process of generating your FLOW address on Finoa, you can reach out to their support team at

  4. Once onboarded, Finoa will provide you with your personal FLOW deposit address.


Please note: claiming and staking of FLOW will not be available with Kraken for residents of the US or Canada.

Follow these steps to receive and use FLOW in your Kraken account:

  1. If you do not have a Kraken account already, sign up here.

  2. Once you have your Kraken account, sign in to your account and select Funding.

  3. Under the list of all assets, locate Flow (FLOW) and select Deposit.

  4. Select GENERATE NEW ADDRESS to create your deposit wallet address.

  5. If you have any further questions regarding the process of generating your FLOW address on Kraken, you can reach out to the support team here.