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All changes to a module will be reflected in the modules version number (including breaking changes) as a patch, until we are confident the module is working and stable, at which point we will release a v1.0.0. After a v1.0.0 release of a module we will strictly follow SemVer.


Please note, that some code provided - e.g. Object.fromEntries - will require Node version v12.0.0 or higher.


  • Higher Level

  • Lower Level

    • @onflow/protobuf (mvp) -- Dependency of send. Provides transport between the browser and the Flow blockchain.
    • @onflow/interaction (mvp) -- A data structure that can be built, resolved and sent to the Flow blockchain.
    • @onflow/response (mvp) -- A data structure that represents a response from the Flow blockchain. If the interaction returns something, it can be decoded without something like an ABI.
    • @onflow/encode (mvp) -- Transactions needs signatures, this module knows how to create the values that get signed.
  • Development Tools

    • @onflow/dev-wallet (mvp) -- A local fcl wallet provider for local development and testing.
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