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Transfer FLOW

How to transfer FLOW using the Flow Go SDK

This is an example of how to construct a FLOW token transfer transaction with the Flow Go SDK.

Before using this example, read the Build a Transaction guide for a general overview of how Flow transactions are constructed.

Cadence Script

The following Cadence script will transfer FLOW tokens from a sender to a recipient.

Note: this transaction is only compatible with Flow Mainnet.

import FungibleToken from 0xf233dcee88fe0abe
import FlowToken from 0x1654653399040a61

transaction(amount: UFix64, recipient: Address) {
  let sentVault: @FungibleToken.Vault
  prepare(signer: AuthAccount) {
    let vaultRef = signer.borrow<&FlowToken.Vault>(from: /storage/flowTokenVault)
      ?? panic("failed to borrow reference to sender vault")

    self.sentVault <- vaultRef.withdraw(amount: amount)

  execute {
    let receiverRef =  getAccount(recipient)
        ?? panic("failed to borrow reference to recipient vault")

    receiverRef.deposit(from: <-self.sentVault)

Build the Transaction

import (

// Replace with script above
const transferScript string = TOKEN_TRANSFER_CADENCE_SCRIPT

var (
    senderAddress    flow.Address
    senderAccountKey flow.AccountKey
    senderPrivateKey crypto.PrivateKey

func main() {
    tx := flow.NewTransaction().
        SetProposalKey(senderAddress, senderAccountKey.Index, senderAccountKey.SequenceNumber)

    amount, err := cadence.NewUFix64("123.4")
    if err != nil {

    recipient := cadence.NewAddress(flow.HexToAddress("0xabc..."))

    err = tx.AddArgument(amount)
    if err != nil {

    err = tx.AddArgument(recipient)
    if err != nil {

Sign and Send the Transaction

Read the following guides to learn how to sign and send the transfer transaction: