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Add Contracts to a Flow Project

How to define the Cadence contracts for Flow project

Add a Contract

To add a contract to your project, update the "contracts" section of your flow.json file.

Contracts are specified as key-value pairs, where the key is the contract name, and the value is the location of the Cadence source code.

For example, the configuration below will register the contract Foo from the FooContract.cdc file.

  "contracts": {
    "Foo": "./cadence/contracts/FooContract.cdc"

Define Contract Deployment Targets

Once a contract is added, it can then be assigned to one or more deployment targets.

A deployment target is an account to which the contract will be deployed. In a typical project, a contract has one deployment target per network (e.g. Emulator, Testnet, Mainnet).

Deployment targets are defined in the "deployments" section of your flow.json file.

Targets are grouped by their network, where each network is a mapping from target account to contract list. Multiple contracts can be deployed to the same target account.

For example, here's how we'd deploy contracts Foo and Bar to the account my-testnet-account:

  "contracts": {
    "Foo": "./cadence/contracts/FooContract.cdc",
    "Bar": "./cadence/contracts/BarContract.cdc"
  "deployments": {
    "testnet": {
      "my-testnet-account": ["Foo", "Bar"]