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Create Flow app from scaffold

How to create a Flow app with recommended structure

The Flow CLI provides a command to create an app from examples and templates.

flow app create

Example Usage

> flow app create my-app

✔ Example
✔ kitty-items
Enumerating objects: 5632, done.
Counting objects: 100% (1342/1342), done.
Compressing objects: 100% (692/692), done.
Total 5632 (delta 768), reused 708 (delta 649), pack-reused 4290

Created	 /Users/dapper/Dev/flyinglimao/flow-cli/test4
Example	 kitty-items



  • Name: path
  • Valid Input: Path

A relative path to the app location. Can be a new folder name or existing empty folder.
You can start with a fully featured example or a custom template.

If you choose example, we will automatically clone a project for you from the list of possible examples: (may not up-to-date):

  • kitty-items: An app based on CryptoKitties. (Repo)

If you start with a template, three folders will be generated for you api, cadence, and web.

  • api: A place to put your files implementing the backend functionality.
  • cadence: Cadence contracts, transactions and scripts should be located in this folder.
  • web: Save your frontend files in this folder. You can use fcl.js to implement a frontend.



  • Flag: --filter
  • Short Flag: -x
  • Valid inputs: a case-sensitive name of the result property.

Specify any property name from the result you want to return as the only value.


  • Flag: --output
  • Short Flag: -o
  • Valid inputs: json, inline

Specify the format of the command results.


  • Flag: --save
  • Short Flag: -s
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.

Specify the filename where you want the result to be saved


  • Flag: --log
  • Short Flag: -l
  • Valid inputs: none, error, debug
  • Default: info

Specify the log level. Control how much output you want to see during command execution.


  • Flag: --config-path
  • Short Flag: -f
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.
  • Default: flow.json

Specify the path to the flow.json configuration file. You can use the -f flag multiple times to merge several configuration files.