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Get an Account with the Flow CLI

How to get a Flow account from the command line

The Flow CLI provides a command to fetch any account by its address from the Flow network.

flow accounts get <address>

Example Usage

flow accounts get 0xf8d6e0586b0a20c7

Example response

Address	 0xf8d6e0586b0a20c7
Balance	 99999999999.70000000
Keys	 1

Key 0	Public Key		 640a5a359bf3536d15192f18d872d57c98a96cb871b92b70cecb0739c2d5c37b4be12548d3526933c2cda9b0b9c69412f45ffb6b85b6840d8569d969fe84e5b7
	Weight			 1000
	Signature Algorithm	 ECDSA_P256
	Hash Algorithm		 SHA3_256
	Revoked 		 false
	Sequence Number 	 6
	Index 			 0

Contracts Deployed: 2
Contract: 'FlowServiceAccount'
Contract: 'FlowStorageFees'



  • Name: address
  • Valid Input: Flow account address

Flow account address (prefixed with 0x or not).


Include Fields

  • Flag: --include
  • Valid inputs: contracts

Specify fields to include in the result output. Applies only to the text output.


  • Flag: --contracts

⚠️ Deprecated: use include flag.


⚠️ No longer supported: use contracts flag instead.


  • Flag: --host
  • Valid inputs: an IP address or hostname.
  • Default: (Flow Emulator)

Specify the hostname of the Access API that will be used to execute the command. This flag overrides any host defined by the --network flag.


  • Flag: --network
  • Short Flag: -n
  • Valid inputs: the name of a network defined in the configuration (flow.json)
  • Default: emulator

Specify which network you want the command to use for execution.


  • Flag: --filter
  • Short Flag: -x
  • Valid inputs: a case-sensitive name of the result property.

Specify any property name from the result you want to return as the only value.


  • Flag: --output
  • Short Flag: -o
  • Valid inputs: json, inline

Specify the format of the command results.


  • Flag: --save
  • Short Flag: -s
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.

Specify the filename where you want the result to be saved


  • Flag: --log
  • Short Flag: -l
  • Valid inputs: none, error, debug
  • Default: info

Specify the log level. Control how much output you want to see during command execution.


  • Flag: --config-path
  • Short Flag: -f
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.
  • Default: flow.json

Specify the path to the flow.json configuration file. You can use the -f flag multiple times to merge several configuration files.