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Flow is a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them.

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Welcome to the first public developer preview for Flow! Here you'll find initial documentation for Flow's smart contract programming language Cadence and five tutorials to build and test your first smart contracts.

Before starting with these tutorials, we recommend reading the Flow Primer where you will get a quick introduction to how the Flow blockchain works. It will be easier to understand the concepts in these tutorials if you have an idea of how Flow works.


Learn about the design of Flow's new smart contract programming language Cadence.

Getting Started

Explore the features of the Flow Developer Playground.

Hello, World!

Deploy your first smart contract and run some tests to get comfortable with the language.

Fungible Tokens

Dive into your first practical Cadence smart contract that implements a simple currency on the Flow Blockchain.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Create Flow's version of digital collectibles, build collections, and trade your creations.

Composable Smart Contracts: Marketplace

Combine your creations into a marketplace for folks to buy and sell collectibles completely peer to peer!

Composable Resources: Kitty Hats

Meowdy, y'all! Discover the power of collectibles owning other collectibles and put a cowboy hat on a Kitty!


For more documentation about Cadence, see the following pages:


See a list of common terms in Cadence and their definitions


Tips for debugging common errors in Cadence

Playground Manual

A guide to common interactions with the Flow Playground.


See the answers to many frequently asked questions about Cadence and Flow

Cadence Full Documentation

If you have completed the tutorials and want to take a deep dive into the details of the language, go here to see the formal language specification for Cadence.

Upcoming Features and Tutorials

Check out a short list of some of the features and tutorials that will be released in the near future

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