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Flow Testnet

Guide to testnet access

Accessing Flow testnet

The Flow testnet is available for access at this URL:

For example, to access the network using the Flow Go SDK:

import ""

func main() {
  flowAccessAddress := ""
  flowClient, _ := client.New(flowAccessAddress, grpc.WithInsecure())
  // ...

Generating testnet key pair

You can generate a new key pair with the Flow CLI as follows:

> flow keys generate

🙏 If you want to create an account on testnet with the generated keys use this link: cc1c3d72...

🔴️ Store private key safely and don't share with anyone!
Private Key      246256f3...
Public Key       cc1c3d72...

Note: By default, this command generates an ECDSA key pair on the P-256 curve. Keep in mind, the CLI is intended for development purposes only and is not recommended for production use. Handling keys using a Key Management Service is the best practice.

Account creation and token funding requests

Accounts and tokens for testing can be obtained through the testnet faucet. If you generated the keypair through the CLI, you can click on the URL provided to create an account and request testnet FLOW tokens.

Important smart contract addresses

You can review all available core contracts deployed to the Mainnet to identify which ones you want to import.